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Linda Canina

Linda Canina

Academic co-director of the Pillsbury Institute; professor of finance 607.255.8051
David Sherwyn

David Sherwyn

Academic co-director of the Pillsbury Institute; John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources 607.255.1711

June 2022

Greetings from Ithaca and Happy 15th Birthday PIHE!!
As we are learning to “live” with COVID, PIHE has returned to its traditional programming. In the fall, we once again hosted the Hilton Hackathon, the Pitch Deck Competition and, of course, had a series of Entrepreneurs in Residence – including an amazing dinner with Meli James ’00 and Ellen Yui, P ’14 & P ’16. This spring we were able to have an in person Business Plan Competition and were thrilled with the quality of our student submissions and thankful for our slate of judges. We also created the foundation of an Emerging Entrepreneurs Network and created several classes. As the new fiscal year begins, we look forward to setting a new pace, continuing our traditional programing, and developing new initiatives and activities. As always, we thank Lee and Mary Pillsbury, our Board of Directors and all the other friends of the institute for their contributions – we look forward to a great 22-23 year!!

-David Sherwyn and Linda Canina
Academic Co-Directors, PIHE

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