Hotelie Approach to Speed Networking, by Pillsbury Faculty Ambassador Ben Lawrence

Speed Networking

We do a lot that is great here at the school, one of those is to engage students, entrepreneurs, alumni and faculty in events that help shape the future of hospitality. The Meet and Repeat event I recently hosted at the Pillsbury Institute was one such event. Students from around the campus had just 3 minutes to pitch their ideas and entrepreneurs had 1 minute to ask them thought provoking questions. With such limited time and such engaging discussion, students were often hesitant to leave their seats and move on. Armed with an array of bells, which I rang enthusiastically when time was up, I moved them on. Each student had an opportunity to speak with all the entrepreneurs and gained valuable feedback which they no doubt have incorporated into the business plans going forward. These events help distinguish us as a school and help us define Hotelie style entrepreneurship at Cornell.