Board Member Perspective – Warren Leeds ’84, Co-Founder and President, Dartcor Enterprises

I first learned about the EP10 (Entrepreneurial Profile Assessment) at a Pillsbury Advisory Board Meeting a little less than two years ago. Since then we have been utilizing the test at Dartcor, my company, to ensure our senior leaders core competencies are aligned with their job responsibilities. We also use the EP10 in the recruiting process to help determine what the candidate is best at -this enables us to slot new hires into roles that play to their strong suit – people like to do what they are good at!

Recently I returned from the Entrepreneurship is Global Roundtable at the Pillsbury Institute and had the opportunity to learn more about EP10 from the tests Principal Scientist, Sangeeta Badal, who developed the test for Gallup. Sangeeta was a fabulous resource and taught the attendees how to map out the results and what to look for when building teams. When you share your individual test results among your team it quickly becomes apparent which team member would best complete the task at hand.