Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs (HADM 4133/6133) Launches in Spring 2016

This spring, HADM 4133/6133: Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs will launch at Cornell. Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs launches with the Gallup’s EP10 Assessment, designed to help students discover, develop, and direct their entrepreneurial talents. The course will provide students with a new language to talk about how to develop a value proposition for an international entrepreneurial opportunity and what skills they bring to the opportunity.
Being engaged in business – and in life – means knowing about yourself and the talents you bring to the table. It also means knowing where you would benefit most from partnering and working in cooperation with others across the globe. This course exposes students to perspectives from international entrepreneurs, giving you the opportunity to learn from lessons on culture, industry, and resources and also providing the opportunity to network to grow your international network.
Embrace the opportunity to position yourself to uniquely contribute to the world of startups and global entrepreneurship. Learn more.
Entrepreneurship is the ultimate journey. #jointheglobalconversation.