The Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies (CEH) Mentor Network, which had its first launch in spring 2014, completed its third launch in February.

The program focuses on connecting alumni and students with entrepreneurial interests both to one another and to the Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship.

CEH utilizes OrgSync to monitor the relationships between protégé and mentors as well as to gather metrics that will help improve the network improve for future launches.

Mona Anita K. Olsen started the network along with several student coordinators last spring after being inspired by the Dream Catchers program she was a part of during her time at George Mason University.

CEH currently includes 20 pairs including students, young alumni, and seasoned entrepreneurs. If you are interested in participating, please contact The next launch will take place in the fall of 2015.