This fall the Advisory Board of the Pillsbury Institute welcomed several new members:

Stephen Asprinio ’04 – A chef, a sommelier, a restaurateur – each of these titles applies to Stephen. It is rare for someone in the hospitality industry to have been a chef as well as a sommelier. Yet Stephen was just that, and achieved this accomplishment at only 22 years old. Stephen has earned two degrees, one from the highly acclaimed Culinary Institute of America, and the other from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. At age 24, he captured national fame on the debut reality series, Bravo! Network’s ‘Top Chef’ and by age 26, he opened his first restaurant. He currently resides in NYC, where his hospitality consulting firm, S.A. Hospitality Innovations is based.

Stacey Nodolny ’05 – Stacey is one of HVS’s premier experts on hotel markets in the Midwest, is Senior Vice President, Partner, and Director of Operations for HVS Global Hospitality Services in Chicago. It’s a role for which she is uniquely qualified, having completed hundreds of assignments for hotels and resorts in the Great Lakes region. Stacey has written several articles on major regional markets, including Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit. In 2012, she hosted an HVS Hotel Valuation Summit focused on lodging trends in Ohio and the Great Lakes region. Stacey earned her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. In her free time, Stacey regularly visits her family and youthful haunts in northwest Ohio. She relocated back to Chicago, where her HVS career began, in late 2014, and she has excitedly renewed explorations throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods. A track and field athlete during college, she continues to practice crossfit and compete on several recreational sports teams both in Columbus and Chicago.

Josh Ogle ’08 – Josh is the Founder and CEO of Fresh Spin Advertising, a digital advertising firm with offices in New York, San Diego, and The Netherlands. After having sold his previous marketing company in Silicon Valley, he founded Fresh Spin in 2011 with the intention of having a project to work on where he could work alongside his friends from childhood and college — thus, the company’s founding employees and partners were all made up of either Cornelians or friends from Josh’s childhood. His particular passion is in the startup world, especially in finding ways to do things cheaply and efficiently. Josh graduated from the School of Hotel Administration in 2008. He divides his professional time between his advertising firms, his consultancy, angel investing, and coming up with ideas for new companies to start with friends.