Networking is a key component to success in the hospitality industry. As a new student, you will be connected from your first day to key individuals who will provide support, guidance, and direction for both your academic and professional careers. Students are encouraged to tap into these resources and make regular appointments.

Concentration/Minor advisors. Each concentration/minor is led by a faculty member who specializes in one area of the hospitality industry and has connections within that segment. You will find this advisor invaluable as you begin your networking and job search. Your concentration/minor advisor will benefit you greatly academically and have significant impact on both your personal and professional lives.

The Office of Student Services supplements faculty advising in both academic matters and career development, providing a wealth of information about career development programs.

Career Management staff will be available to meet with you and discuss your career goals and objectives. They will guide you in developing a self-marketing campaign and a personalized career strategy, and conduct resume and cover-letter critiques and mock interviews. They will also help you develop the skills necessary to conduct an independent job search, with emphasis on networking and doing informational interviews.