Professional Development

MMH Professional Development is a program requirement designed to support students with their career-development strategy. MMH Professional Development (PD) provides students with the tools needed to find that first job after they graduate from the MMH program, and facilitates finding subsequent jobs as each alum’s career progresses.

Students learn these tools and implementation strategies from Hotel School faculty, staff, and senior industry executives who visit campus throughout the year. MMH students have numerous opportunities to begin dialogues and conduct informational interviews with various industry professionals to hone the networking process that helps build a successful career.

Attendance at professional development sessions is required. Sessions are held throughout the academic year and range from resume and cover-letter writing to developing job-search strategies to roundtable discussions with visiting hospitality executives. There are also assignments due that are ungraded but designed to help you develop your skills, articulate your experiences and goals, and further gain the ability to successfully prepare for your career search.

General student PD objectives support the larger Hotel School objectives of:

  1. Acquiring knowledge to analyze and act in a diversity of business contexts
  2. Strengthening the ability to impact business through effective communication and teamwork
  3. Applying ethics to analyzing dilemmas and making thoughtful, principled decisions
  4. Facilitating self-awareness to know their strengths and enhance their professional skill set

Specific MMH student PD objectives focus on:

  1. Developing lifelong career management and professional development strategies
  2. Augmenting the MMH job search by coaching students through the three components necessary for success: Self-Assessment, Tools and Resources, and Individualized, Goal-Based Action Plan