MMH Advising

Once in the MMH program, you will find that your relationship with faculty members—and particularly your concentration advisor—will benefit you greatly academically and have significant impact on both your personal and professional lives.

Each concentration or minor is led by a faculty member who specializes in one area of the hospitality industry, and has connections within that segment. You will find this advisor invaluable as you begin your networking and job search.

The MMH director of graduate programs (DGP) in the Office of Student Services supplements faculty advising in both academic matters and career development. This advisor has a wealth of information and manages several of the career-development programs. The DGP leads a professional development program, which all MMH students are required to complete, including meeting with the DGP a required number of times throughout the year.  In addition, the students in the graduate minor in real estate may also wish to meet with the associate director of real estate career management in the Office of Student Services.