HADM 1101: Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitability

Summer. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Faculty teaching this course:

In this program you will develop your business, management, and leadership skills while refining your computer, communication, and analytical skills. You will have the opportunity to explore the hospitality industry at the world-renowned School of Hotel Administration.This course is designed to provide not only an elemental understanding of the hospitality industry, but a realistic  exposure to the work, decisions, and competitive forces that have an impact on all of those who take a  professional stake, either directly in the industry or within one of its supporting industries. Through careful analysis of the hotel's financial information, students see the multiple impacts of the decisions they make and the issues that need to be taken into consideration and balanced in order to operate a profitable business. Students' interpretations of their analyses will be presented in a concise, professional, and well-organized fashion in the form of a business report. Students learn how to use the Microsoft Office suite of products to support their analyses and to effectively communicate their findings.