HADM 1350: Introduction to Hotel Operations

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Course Fee: $75.00 CHIA exam fee. Enrollment limited to: NSHA and ITD students.


  • David Roberts (drr45) - Spring 2024


This course will cover two broad topics: I) an overview of the hotel industry, and II) the operations of the Rooms Division of a hotel.   It will also serve as a ‘survey course’ by introducing a wide range of topics that students will study in more depth in future courses.  I) an overview of the hotel industry Set the context of the Hotel Industry: history, global economy.   
Study the major types of ‘players’ in the industry, especially owners, operators, and brand companies, as well as the various types of business arrangements between parties.   
Examine several ways to classify both hotels and hotel customers, and then review hotel brands, and loyalty programs. 
Take a deeper dive into the revenue performance of a hotel, and look at some key metrics, as well as competitors and relative positioning.   
Prepare for and take a certification training program called ‘Certificate in Hotel Industry Analytics’  
II) the operations of the Rooms Division of a hotel Examine the roles of a General Manager and several Division Directors, and discuss the nature of a Hotel Executive Committee.   
Look at hotel roles in terms of ‘Front of the House’ vs. ‘Back of the House’, and analyze how individual performance is evaluated.   
Take a much deeper dive into the Rooms Division – we will cover several areas, but much of our focus will be the front desk and housekeeping (note that these two areas are also the focus of the Hotel Practicum).   
Study overbooking (why and how), as well as some examples of the intersection of operations and analytics.   
Examine several revenue and cost line items on a Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, as well as the drivers of those line items, and look at various scenarios of hotel performance to see how those are reflected on a P&L.   
At the end of the course we will look at some current issues facing the industry, with an eye to the future; and the students will take the Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA). Needs based scholarships are available. The certification is based upon content areas including hotel industry analytical foundations, hotel math fundamentals, property level benchmarking (STAR Reports), and industry performance reports.