HADM 7030: Operations Management

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Enrollment limited to: MMH students or permission of instructor.


  • Christopher Anderson (cka9) - Fall 2022
  • Elena Belavina (eb733) - Spring 2024
  • Gary Thompson (gmt1) - Fall 2023


The purpose of this course is to introduce “world-class” service operations management concepts and approaches for the hospitality industry. This core course focuses on understanding levers for structuring, managing, and improving a firm’s recurring business processes to achieve a competitive advantage in customer responsiveness, price, quality, and variety of products and services in the hospitality industry.
Processes within firms, as well as between firms, i.e. supply chains, are explored. The fundamental principles underlying state-of-the-art practices are explored so that students learn to critically evaluate these and other operational improvement programs, as well as develop their own operational improvements.
Students learn how to manage and improve the operations of a firm, and how operational issues affect and are affected by the many business decisions they will be called upon to make or recommend in their careers.
As such, this course is essential to the participants working/aspiring to work in hospitality consulting, entrepreneurs, or general managers. Working knowledge of operations is also indispensable to those working/aspiring to work in marketing, finance, and accounting, where the interface between these functions and operations is critical. Finally, an understanding of how firms become market leaders through operations is important in investment careers.