HADM 3010: Service Operations Management

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Prerequisite: HADM 2010.  Enrollment limited to: NSHA students.


  • Gary Thompson (gmt1) - Spring 2022
  • Vincent Slaugh (vws8) - Fall 2023
  • Ruihao Zhu (rz383) - Spring 2023


Operations management is the study of how things work. In this class, we will discuss how operations management can be used to help a hospitality company compete. After completing this course, you will: (1) understand core concepts, models and managerial issues in service operations management, (2) critically assess the performance of service delivery processes, (3) learn how to manage supply and demand, (4) learn how to manage quality, (5) develop proficiency in a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques necessary for hospitality service organizations, (6) learn how to manage a project, and (7) apply the concepts and techniques learned in class to the analysis of real-world service delivery processes.