Pre-arrival Online Courses

The pre-courses, assigned through eCornell once you have been admitted, are required before you begin the on-campus program. This assures that everyone has the requisite context when they arrive for the first day of class, regardless of your prior experience or undergraduate field of study. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve developed three online pre-courses, each with two components.

Financial Management

  • HAME 507 MMH: Mastering the Time-Value of Money
  • HAME 508 MMH: Making Capital Investment Decisions

Learn to project cash flow, calculate payments, establish the value of securities and investments, and determine when it is most cost-effective to lease and to buy. You’ll be introduced to six capital-budgeting rules for making sound project-investment decisions and learn when to use each.

Financial Statements

  • HAME 513 MMH: Understanding Financial Statements
  • HAME 514 MMH: Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance

This pre-course teaches you to read and interpret income statements, cash-flow statements, and balance sheets, and provides a solid foundation for more advanced analysis of a firm’s financial performance. You’ll learn to use ratio-analysis instruments, and how financial-health information aids in the design and implementation of initiatives to increase productivity and profitability.

Statistical Decision Making

  • HAME 515 MMH: Describing Data
  • HAME 516 MMH: Statistical Decision Making for Hospitality Management

In this pre-course, you’ll discover how numbers can be used to help solve managerial problems. Among the concepts covered are descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, and correlation and regression.