Concentrations & Minors

Detailed concentration information for current students is in the Current Students section.

Beyond the foundation established by the core curriculum, MMH students choose electives to develop a strategic specialization. You’ll work with a faculty advisor who has professional expertise, knowledge, and a network in that particular area of the industry. These course electives will build upon your background and experiences to help connect you to your specific career goals. You can choose from among four concentrations or a minor:


Marketing Management

The hospitality industry needs individuals who understand services marketing and distribution channels in an ever-changing context. Digital platforms rapidly change and influence how consumers search, evaluate, and buy hospitality services. This concentration cultivates your expertise and career direction in this area.

Learn more about the marketing management concentration, see sample student schedules, and meet advisor Rob Kwortnik, associate professor of services marketing.

Operations and Revenue Management

This concentration prepares you for two career-focused options: operations (hotels, foodservice, casinos, and spas), for students interested in leadership roles in hospitality operations; and revenue management and dynamic pricing, for students interested in the impact of data analytics in competitive pricing and revenue optimization.

Learn more about the operations and revenue management concentration and meet advisor Chris Anderson, professor of services operations management.


Several students in the MMH program use their time at Cornell to strategize and launch their own companies. The entrepreneurship concentration allows you to build skills toward the successful launch of your startup company or to propel an existing business toward new opportunities.

Learn more about the entrepreneurship concentration and meet advisor Susan Fleming, senior lecturer in entrepreneurship.

Self-Directed Study

A self-directed study concentration provides flexibility for you to tailor a program of study that best leverages your prior education, experience, and professional goals. As with all concentrations, you can choose from a rich offering of courses across Cornell University. Self-directed study students work directly with the director of graduate studies, Professor Linda Canina, as their advisor.

Learn more about the concentration and see sample student schedules.

Graduate Minor

Real Estate

The real estate industry and the nature of real estate ownership are fundamentally changing across U.S. and international capital markets. Cornell University and the Hotel School are at the forefront in this field. Once a concentration, real estate is now available to MMH students as a graduate minor.

Learn more about the benefits of the graduate minor in real estate and meet advisor Professor Michael Tomlan, director of graduate studies for the Baker Program in Real Estate.