Degree Requirements

The MMH’s concentrated three-semester program (fall, spring, fall) has multiple components—all specially designed to prepare you for a global career that demands entrepreneurial thinking and bold leadership.

Pre-arrival Online Courses

Once you have been admitted and before you arrive on campus, you’ll be enrolled in six online courses in preparation for the MMH’s required core courses, which must be completed before you begin the program:

Financial Management

  • HAME 507 MMH – Mastering the Time-Value of Money
  • HAME 508 MMH – Making Capital Investment Decisions

Financial Statements

  • HAME 513 MMH – Understanding Financial Statements
  • HAME 514 MMH – Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance

Statistical Decision Making

  • HAME 515 MMH – Data Gathering and Analysis in the Hospitality Industry
  • HAME 516 MMH – Statistical Decision Making for Hospitality Management


In three semesters, you’ll take core and elective courses and specialize in a concentration or minor, earning a total of 48 credits.

Credit Hour Distribution
Required core course credits 29
Concentration/minor elective credits 15
Free elective credits 4
Total credits to graduate 48

Additional Degree Requirements

Beyond coursework, you’ll complete an ExternshipProfessional Development modules, and the Leadership Development Program.

Learn More

See the SHA Student Handbook for more information on degree requirements.