Hotel Leadership Development Program

The Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP) has established a benchmark of excellence that students, industry, faculty, alumni, and Statler Hotel management recognize as challenging, worthwhile, and professionally rewarding. HLDP provides students with their first opportunity to gain management experience and professional growth through experiential learning within the framework of an academic environment. Exposure to hotel operations offers meaningful learning opportunities, challenging a student’s ability to apply critical thinking and management theory to personal experience. Interactions with hospitality leaders enable students to establish professional relationships that facilitate and help define their professional path prior to graduation.


HLDP participants progress through several paid employment phases, from entry-level positions to supervisor, manager, or director. Each phase requires approximately 200-300 hours of paid employment and is completed through a certification process. Students are tested and must meet certain requirements to advance to the next level in the program.


At the beginning of the fall semester, a member of the Statler Hotel’s management team is assigned to serve as a mentor to each student. With their mentors, students can discuss goals, interests, and challenges related to progress in HLDP.

HLDP Class

In the first fall semester of HLDP, students will participate in HADM 2170. This 1-credit course is taught by SHA faculty members and Statler Hotel management staff. It is designed to complement core SHA courses while enhancing necessary supervisory skills. Successful completion of the course is a required component of HLDP. In subsequent semesters, students will participate in HADM 4100 Hospitality Management Seminar and HADM 4170 Hospitality Leadership.

HLDP Seminars

After completing HADM 2170, HLDP students continue to build their knowledge of applied management topics through the HLDP II Seminar Series. These seminars are noncredit management-training sessions that are facilitated by Statler Hotel management staff members and industry guest speakers.

Statler Fellows Industry Study Trip

Statler Fellows are the pinnacle of HLDP. Students who reach this level are ready to be promoted to management positions in the Statler Hotel. During winter break, Statler Fellows will participate in a five-day industry experience. Previous trips have been to Dallas, Orlando, and Los Angeles.

The Weisz Family Statler Hotel Operations Fellowship Award

This fellowship will be awarded to graduating students who successfully attain the level of Statler Fellow and demonstrate exemplary performance and achievement during their terms as student employees in the hotel. The fellowship allows graduating students to continue through an advanced experiential exploration of hotel operations management. The award consists of a one-year term position as a manager for the Statler Hotel and a $10,000 cash award.