MMH Students

Below is a series of links that provide newly admitted MMH students with easy access to information to help them prepare for their arrival in Ithaca. Please use this site often as you transition to Cornell and throughout your time in the MMH program.

Getting Ready

  • eCornell PreCourses
  • MMH Manual: Overview of program, faculty, policies. A new manual for the MMH Class of 2019 will be posted in April.
  • New Graduate Student Checklist (Please note that while dates listed are for graduate students who enter Cornell in August, all of the tasks need to take place prior to your arrival in May.)
  • MMH Academic Calendar (Please note that the academic calendar for 2018-2019 will be posted in late spring 2018; in the meantime, newly admitted MMH students will be sent emails with key dates.)
  • Activating Your NetID (You will received an email mid-March or later with instructions on how to activate your NetID.)
  • Computer Recommendations


Financing and Billing

Campus Resources

MMH Requirements and Resources

Life in Ithaca


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