Practice Credit

The objective of the Practice Credit requirement is to ensure that your education has the essential balance between theory and practice. In attaining this objective, you will be able to

  • test your career interests and gain valuable work experience in the various segments of the hospitality/service industry;
  • recognize, develop, and practice skills necessary in your future career;
  • put classroom theory into practice in the “real world” and utilize this practical experience in future academic assignments;
  • compare and contrast different types of organizations, company cultures, and work environments;
  • explore different departments/areas within an organization, gaining an invaluable perspective regarding issues, concerns, and behaviors of employees at various levels;
  • improve your marketability upon graduation.

Although we don’t place you in your practice credit experiences, there are many resources to help you explore all of our career-management programs and services at SHA early in your academic career.  From career-development sessions and resume and cover-letter writing, to opportunities to network and connect with employers on campus, we offer programming and events, individual appointments, and online resources to assist you with your career development and summer and permanent job searches.  Learn more about how our students have fulfilled their practice credit experiences through our Summer Work Experience Reports. Some of the many resources available to students include:

Office of Career Services

Our Career Management staff are available to meet with you and will help you map out a strategy, determine career goals and objectives, and prepare for and implement a successful summer or permanent job search. The skills that you develop will be valuable throughout your career. In the first year, with the help of our undergraduate advisors, you can begin to plan career-related experiences and investigate career options.

SHA Career Fairs and on-campus recruiting

The annual SHA Career Day and Real Estate Career Day provides an opportunity for our students to meet with representatives from a variety of hospitality employers and real estate employers in one central location. Employers attend SHA Career Day events to increase visibility, to illustrate the benefits of employment in their organization, and to provide information to Cornell students about entry-level jobs and internships. Many of these organizations also participate in Cornell’s on-campus recruiting program and use Career Day as an added benefit to interact with SHA students. Other employers attend the event to introduce SHA students to their organizations and to collect resumes for future openings.

Cornell University Career Fairs

Cornell Career Services (CCS) is part of Cornell’s Division of Student and Academic Services and is a resource for all Cornell students. Cornell University hosts multiple events and career fairs throughout the year.

SHA Alumni (13,000 active alumni)

Hospitality is built on networking and once you are a Hotelie, your network immediately expands by 13,000. The Alumni Directory is an excellent resource for identifying SHA alumni who may know of potential opportunities within their organization. Alumni may also be a resource for informational interviews and industry advice and tips.

SHA Faculty

During the second semester of your sophomore year (transfer students are transitioned once they have completed the majority of the first- and second-year core courses), you will be assigned to a career advisor. Career advisors are faculty who can help students explore and connect their career interests to the curriculum and the industry, helping students network with other faculty, staff, and alumni.

The Statler Hotel & Taverna Banfi

The Statler Hotel and Taverna Banfi have student job opportunities available throughout the academic year and the summer. Student jobs range from entry-level positions in both operations and support divisions with promotional opportunities in most areas. Students can expect hands on practical experience, flexible work schedules, and a supportive work environment.