HADM 6450: Services Experience Management and Marketing

Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading.

Prerequisite: marketing course or permission of instructor. Elective. Co-meets with HADM 3450.

Robert Kwortnik (rjk34) – Fall 2017
Robert Kwortnik (rjk34) – Fall 2018

Students will develop critical analytic skills and knowledge for implementing service strategies to create and manage the customer experience. Topics include services consumer behavior and decision processes; services research methods; service quality analysis; customer-relationship management and service recovery; service experience design (analysis of “service as theater,” service “blueprinting,” and the “servicescape”); and integrated marketing communication strategies for services. Students learn through discussion of current services theories and research, experiential exercises, case analyses, and industry guest speakers. A main focus of the course is a team consulting project involving a services-marketing audit of a “live” organization.