HADM 3470: Consumer Behavior

Spring. 3 credits. Student option grading (no audit).

Prerequisite: HADM 2430, HADM 2410, AEM 2400, AEM 2420, or equivalent. Enrollment limited to: undergraduate juniors and seniors. Graduate students must enroll in HADM 6470. Co-meets with HADM 6470.


  • Hae Eun Chun (hc633) - Fall 2022
  • William Lynn (wml3) - Spring 2024


Helps students become better at understanding, predicting, and influencing consumer behavior. Topics include motivation, perception, learning, decision making, attitudes, persuasion, compliance, geodemographics, and psychographics. The practical implications of psychological principles are emphasized. Specific applications involve such areas as guest frequency programs, menu design, promotional strategy, personal selling, sales and marketing planning, and marketing research. Class time is used for discussions and application exercises as well as for the presentation of relevant information.