Networking is the single most effective method of gathering career-related information, developing contacts, and uncovering the “hidden job market.” Many positions are not advertised, and networking is one way to learn about these opportunities. Networking comes naturally to most Hotelies, but everyone can use some help. That’s why our Career Management team has many resources available to help you as you develop your professional network.

  • Alumni Directory: SHA alumni are renowned for being open, available, and eager to help their fellow Hotelies. The online Alumni Directory is one of the best ways to identify alumni who may know of potential opportunities within their organization. Alumni may also be a resource for informational interviews and industry advice and tips.
  • Cornell’s Career Contact Network: This database consists of alumni from all colleges and schools, parents, and other friends of Cornell who are interested in offering you career advice and insight from personal experience.
  • Company Contacts List: We have contacts at a wide variety of companies across the United States and internationally. Contacting these companies may be very helpful as you build your network and conduct your job search.
  • Summer Experience Survey: Interested in learning about what other students have done during their summer job or internship? This database includes information submitted by students from all colleges at Cornell.
  • Career Day, Company Presentations, Atrium Company Showcases: It’s easy to network when companies come to you. At our many events throughout the year, you’ll make connections with representatives from companies you may have an interest in working for in the future.
  • Career Management Events: Throughout the year, our office hosts industry representatives who conduct career-related programs. These informal Q&A sessions give students an opportunity to interact with industry experts.

Don’t forget that faculty members, former employers, friends, and relatives can give you referrals to supplement the networking resources offered through Career Management.