Internal Transfer Applicants

Current Cornell students may apply for internal transfer admission to the School of Hotel Administration. Please pay careful attention to the information provided here as you consider applying. The Hotel School enrolls transfer students in both the fall and spring semesters.

Cornell internal transfer applicants should have a very strong academic record in their current program and should be prepared to communicate thoughtfully and in some detail about their interests and reasons for preferring to study in the Hotel School. Internal transfer admission is competitive and not all applicants who meet the criteria below are accepted.


You must be a current freshman or sophomore at Cornell University. Juniors and seniors are not eligible to internally transfer to the Hotel School. First semester students and students who have externally transferred into Cornell and would like to internally transfer to Hotel, must make an appointment to speak with an admissions officer. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Freshmen and sophomores exploring the possibility of transferring to the Hotel School should familiarize themselves with Hotel School prerequisites to ensure that courses taken during the first year will meet Hotel School requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 (successful applicants usually have over 3.0 GPA)
  • Full-time (12-credit minimum) standing each semester; with few, if any, S/U-graded courses
  • Good standing in current college
  • ECON 1110 or equivalent microeconomics course completed prior to acceptance as an internal transfer

Note: Admission interviews are not offered and are not required for internal transfer applicants.

Admission Recommendations

We recommend taking at least one HADM course prior to applying. These courses can be found on the equivalent course list below.

Course Description CU Equivalent HADM Equivalent (for non-majors)
Organizational Behavior & Leadership Skills ILROB 1220
AEM 3245
Financial Accounting AEM 2210 HADM 2230
Introduction to Foodservice Management HADM 3365
Business Computing HADM 2740
Hospitality Quantitative Analysis AEM 2100
ILRST 2100
PAM 2100
STSCI 2100
MATH 1710
Managerial Accounting AEM 3230*
Human Resources Management ILRHR 2600
Finance AEM 2240 or 2241* HADM 2250
Marketing Management for Services HADM 2410

*Priority given to Dyson and CALS students
In addition, having some hospitality-related work experience is strongly recommended. Internal transfer students can transfer up to 400 hours of hospitality-related work experience from freshman year (during the academic year and a summer internship after freshman year).

Note: Admission interviews are not offered and are not required for internal transfer applicants.

Application Process and Timeline

The Hotel School enrolls transfer students in both the fall and spring semester. Internal transfer applicants apply during the semester prior to the semester in which they seek to enroll; the application deadline is the last day of instruction. Late applications will not be reviewed and extensions are not granted.

Steps in the internal transfer application process:

  1. Complete the Cornell internal transfer application.
    The application deadline is the last day of instruction.
  2. Complete the Hotel School internal transfer supplement.
    •  Modify previously submitted transfer supplement or attach resume
  3. Submit a Current Resume.

You can upload your resume as a PDF via the Hotel School Internal Transfer Supplement.

The Hotel School makes its internal transfer admissions decisions:

  • For fall enrollment: after final grades for the spring semester have been recorded. We will email your decision letter in June to your Cornell address.
  • For spring enrollment: after final grades for the fall semester have been recorded. We will email your decision letter in early January to your Cornell address.

Please note that upon acceptance, the SHA Registrar will evaluate any transfer credit and/or advanced test credit previously awarded from your prior Cornell college or school. Please note that based on SHA requirements, some credits may not be accepted.

Questions and Contacts

The Admissions Office will hold a virtual information session on Wednesday, March 17th from 6:30-7:30pm ET. Please register in advance for this session here: Zoom Registration Link.

The Admissions Office will also hold virtual office hours at the following times. These appointments will only be for 15 minutes and will be on a first come first serve basis with a virtual waiting room. Advance registration is not required.

If you have any questions please email us at Students can contact the office via email or phone, any time, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm to speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Office of Undergraduate and Master’s Programs Admissions

SC Johnson College of Business
289 Statler Hall
Phone: 607.254.4228