Electives, Concentrations & Minors

Through SHA electives and Free electives, you will have the ability to specialize or gain knowledge in a complementary field of study. Where minors are open to all students across the Cornell University colleges/schools, concentrations are only available to SHA students. SHA electives can also be taken without pursuing a concentration or a minor. In fact, approximately half of our Hotelies choose not to minor or pursue a concentration and instead select SHA electives to support their career interests.

SHA Concentrations

What is a concentration? School of Hotel Administration undergraduate students can academically specialize in a particular area of hospitality through one of the school’s three concentrations – Finance, Accounting & Real Estate (FARE); Hospitality Leadership (HOLD); and Services Marketing and Operations Management (SMOM). Within each of these concentrations, students have flexibility to formulate a personalized course plan to gain knowledge in a focused area with their faculty advisor. Where minors are open to all students across the Cornell University colleges/schools, SHA concentrations are only available to Hotelies. A concentration is not a requirement to graduate, but many students pursue a concentration in efforts to learn more about a specific area of interest relative to their personal and/or career aspirations.

Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate

The School of Hotel Administration offers the Minor in Real Estate. This minor prepares students for careers in the commercial real estate industry such as real estate investor, real estate finance, real estate consulting, structured finance, and real estate transaction support.

Cornell University Minors

Cornell University offers 70 minors across the schools and colleges, in a variety of fields and disciplines. Many of these minors are interdisciplinary. SHA students may consider a minor in a foreign language, computer science, theater, nutritional and health Sciences, and more. For more information, visit Undergraduate Minors under the Cornell University Fields of Study.