HADM 6010: Data Driven Analytics

Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading (no audit).

Prerequisite: HADM 2010, HADM 2011, HADM 3010, or instructor permission. Enrollment limited to: graduate students. Co-meets with HADM 4010.  


  • Christopher Anderson (cka9) - Summer 2023


The practice of business is changing. Due to increasing desktop computing power and companies amassing large amounts of data, business decisions are becoming more and more data based. This holds in many sectors such as in internet marketing and online retailing where the only interaction with the customer is in digital form. This course aims at conveying some core principles of data driven decision making. This course is very hands-on and emphasis will be placed on solving real business cases, using real data via advanced spreadsheet enabled models, dashboarding and business intelligence with Power BI and detailed modeling using the statistical programming language R. The course covers a wide variant of models/topic including traditional descriptive analytics (through PowerBI), predictive analytics and machine learning (through R) and prescriptive analytics including optimization and simulation (in Excel and R).