HADM 2010: Hospitality Quantitative Analysis

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: high school algebra and Excel experience.

Gary Thompson (gmt1) – Fall 2017
Gary Thompson (gmt1) – Fall 2018
Christopher Anderson (cka9) – Spring 2018
Elena Belavina (eb733) – Spring 2019
Jacob Chestnut (jpc355) – Spring 2019

This introductory statistics course is taught from the perspective of solving problems and making decisions within the hospitality industry. Students learn introductory probability, as well as how to gather data, evaluate the quality of data, graphically represent data, and apply some fundamental statistical methodologies. Statistical methods covered include: estimation and hypothesis testing relating to one- and two-sample problems of means, simple linear regression, and multiple regression. Excel is used as the statistical computing software and the class uses a very hands-on approach.