HADM 9980: Operations of Digital Business Models and Marketplaces

Spring. 1.5 credits. Letter grades only.

Enrollment limited to: PhD graduate students.


  • Karan Girotra (kg488) - Spring 2023


Operating digital marketplaces (aka platforms, intermediaries) is the primary business of most technology companies. Ad-supported tech companies (Facebook, Google) design and operate markets that consumers of digital content with advertisers; digital transportation network companies (Uber, Lyft) operate marketplaces that connect riders with drivers; Labor marketplaces (Upwork) connect freelancers with jobs. This course will cover the latest research on operational issues in these marketplaces, including algorithms and approaches for matching supply with demand, strategies for scaling marketplaces, methods for price discovery, etc. The course will also cover other new digital business models such as those associated with bike-sharing systems, e-commerce and digital retail, social-media enabled selling, etc.