HADM 2360: Food Service Management, Theory and Practice

Fall, Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 1360. Because this course is laboratory-based, students may not drop after first full week of classes; during first week of class, students may drop only with permission of instructor and/or academic dean. Failure to attend first lab may result in administrative drop. Labs will start during the first full week of classes.

Tamar Paikowsky (tp378) – Fall 2017
Beth Wilcox (blw5) – Fall 2017
Robert White (rew5) – Fall 2017
Jamie Bellamore (jmb758) – Fall 2017
Nicole de Ovin-Berenguer (nmd66) – Fall 2017
Christopher Gaulke (ccg79) – Fall 2017
Christopher Gaulke (ccg79) – Fall 2018
Christopher Gaulke (ccg79) – Spring 2018
Christopher Gaulke (ccg79) – Spring 2019

This course introduces food and beverage operations management through four major components: fundamental food composition and properties; food products and preparation; food safety; and the application of management concepts to food and beverage operations. Students prepare recipes, menus, and production schedules; critically evaluate foods; and are involved in projects in which they create menus, develop and standardize recipes, and calculate yield percentages and food cost. Completion of a four-hour practicum experience in Establishment is a required course activity.