HADM 4580: Advanced Project Management for Real Estate Development

Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 4570 or permission of instructor. Co-meets with HADM 6580. Enrollment limited to: 24 students. Students may not add or drop this course after the third class meeting of the semester.

Faculty teaching this course:

This course is an experiential learning based course founded on applying skills and knowledge building on the development concepts from HADM 2550 and management skills from HADM 4570/HADM 6570 to conceptualize, research, explore, and document a complete hotel development project plan.  Students will work in multi-disciplinary groups to establish a concept, formulate a full team, analyze and choose a site, describe and refine a hotel product, ascertain market feasibility, program the property, explore financing options, detail the design process, document a risk management plan, outline RFP's and procurements, develop and refine budgets and schedules, plan the building and construction phase, and create an operations turnover plan.