HADM 4530: Foodservice Facilities Design

Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 3510 or HADM 3350 or HADM 2351.  Enrollment limited to: NSHA seniors; juniors by permission of instructor. Graduate students must take HADM 6530. Co-meets with HADM 6530.


  • Lilly Jan (lwj28) - Spring 2024


This course introduces the basic concepts of foodservice facilities design and planning with an emphasis on restaurant kitchens. This course emphasizes general practices among foodservice facilities designers, including program development, product and workflow, equipment selection, architectural and engineering considerations, and project management. A brief introduction to computer-aided design software will be provided. Students will learn to conceptualize, plan, and create a design for a medium-size restaurant kitchen and front-of-house service areas.