Tony Simons

Tony Simons

School of Hotel Administration

Tony L. Simons has published over 25 journal articles for both managerial and scholarly audiences. His research has ranged from negotiations to top executive group dynamics to leadership and employee climates. An emergent theme has been the critical role of trust - in teamwork, in buyer-supplier relationships, and in leadership. His recent study of over 8,000 employees at a large hotel chain found very strong links between employee trust in management and outcomes such as employee turnover, customer service and hotel profitability.

After working his way through college with several line positions at restaurants and hotels, Simons worked as a crisis counselor at a psychiatric hospital for three years. He then shifted focus toward management consulting, which he did for another three years. Then he returned to school to pursue advanced education. He has taught at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration since 1993.

Professor Simons is the author of The Integrity Dividend: Leading by the Power of Your Word (Jossey-Bass, 2008) and is the president of Integrity Dividend LLC, an organization dedicated to maximizing personal and organizational performance through integrity and credibility. Professor Simons has trained executives in negotiation skills and in leadership at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School, Cornell University and in seminars around the US, Canada, and Europe.