HADM 6144: Opportunity Recognition and Ideation

Fall, spring (weeks 8-14). 2 credits. Letter grades only.

Co-meets with HADM 4144. Elective.  Enrollment limited to graduate students by permission only.  Undergraduates must enroll in HADM 4144.  A "W" will be issued for students dropping the class after week two.

Faculty teaching this course:

This course is an introductory course intended to provide students with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship. The intent of this course is to provide a cornerstone experience from which students can build their entrepreneurial education through other entrepreneurship courses. Entrepreneurship is approached as a way of thinking and acting, as an attitude and a behavior. The course will emphasize entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in virtually any organizational setting. Further, it is a course that mixes theory with practice, and you will be challenged to apply principles, concepts and frameworks to real world situations. Opportunity recognition is the very basis from which entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity begins. Research shows that opportunity recognition is a learned behavior and as such this course will also seek to provide students with a better understanding of opportunity recognition through an exploration of the skills, tools, and mindset to generate new business ideas.