HADM 6145: Business Model Innovation and Design

Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

This course is open to all Cornell students. Students from non-business disciplines are encouraged to attend. Undergraduate students must enroll in HADM 4145. A "W" will be issued for students dropping the class after week two. Co-meets with HADM 4145.


  • Neil Tarallo (nt266) - Spring 2022


The movement towards a service-based economy has coincided with a fundamental shift in technology and manufacturing ventures to a business model and plan in which the value proposition and customer experience has become central. As a result, the service component of products, based on the value they provide to consumers, has become dominant. Additionally, business modeling for service-based businesses is inherently different from for product or technology ventures. Students interested in starting service-based companies as well as those interested in developing service-based business models for technology and new product startups will find this course relevant and useful. This is an experientially based course. Students will be engaged in the process of business model and business plan development throughout the semester.