Stephanie Perrone Goldstein is Deloitte Consulting’s Data, Analytics and AI leader for the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Stephanie, who graduated from Cornell’s Hotel School in 2001, has served the Travel and Hospitality Industry in various capacities throughout her career, always centered on data and analytics.

Stephanie blends her background of travel and hospitality experience as well as 16+ years of consulting experience to help support organizations in achieving their data, analytics and AI visions. Stephanie helps organizations across the full lifecycle of data, analytics and AI, from strategy and concept development to delivery and at-scale operations. She specializes in Customer, Marketing and Growth areas but has served all functions and disciplines.

Stephanie’s work with travel and hospitality clients includes supporting them in re-thinking their data and analytics organizations, modernizing their data and analytics platforms to cloud, developing and deploying machine learning algorithms to support business processes, establishing and operating data, analytics and AI COEs, and more.

Prior to her consulting career, Stephanie held hotel, spa, sales and food & beverage roles for brands including Four seasons and Marriott.