Kristen is the Founder & CEO of SnappyScreen.  SnappyScreen is the world’s first touchless sunscreen application system.  Customers select their SPF (15, 30, 40), height and receive an even application of sunscreen in seconds. SnappyScreen’s proprietary sunscreen, SunStyles, is one of the only formulas that is oxybenzone-free, paraben-free, reef-safe and does not stain clothing.

SnappyScreen was born on a family vacation after Kristen watched her sister apply sunscreen for 20 minutes and still end up with a splotchy tan.  After researching sunscreen, Kristen realized more people have skin cancer than all other cancers combined yet sunscreen sales continue to soar. While people are purchasing sunscreen, only 1/3 apply correctly.  Kristen then dedicated her undergraduate career at Cornell to finding a solution.  While at school, she built 3 prototypes and beta tested the machine at two Caribbean hotels.

Fast forward to today, SnappyScreen is available at hotels across the US, Caribbean, and Mexico including brands such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Marriott.  SnappyScreen was recently featured in Bloomberg with clients noting a 31% Food & Beverage revenue spike since installing SnappyScreen.  SnappyScreen motivates hotels to offer complimentary sunscreen and brings focus to the importance of sun safety. SnappyScreen machines are a new platform for experiential retail and create the category of ‘SUN’ by offering easier application with a higher quality sunscreen.

Kristen holds a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Certificate in Business Marketing and Management. She was most recently named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2019 and has been featured on CNBC, Eyewitness News, Bloomberg, Fox5, Fast Company and NPR for creating the future of sunscreen application.