Course Selection and Transcripts

Course selection

Guest students are admitted to SHA at the undergraduate level and are required to take all courses from SHA, with the exception of Physical Education. Once accepted, you will work with the Office of Student Services to create a customized academic plan. Course selections must be pre-approved by your home institution.

Since courses are not offered every semester, students must be flexible and willing to select alternate courses if their first choice is unavailable. After the start of each semester, students have three weeks to add classes and seven weeks to drop classes. 

A minimum course load of 12 credits (not including Physical Education) is required to participate as a guest student, although the recommended course load is 15 credits. Guest students who successfully complete 12 credits will qualify for affiliate membership in the Cornell Hotel Society.

For more information about course content and availability, please explore the following resources:


Guest students are responsible for ordering transcripts after completing their coursework. You may request your transcript in person at the University Registrar’s office in B07 Day Hall, in writing, or online. For instructions on ordering transcripts, go to: Please check with the appropriate office at your university to determine where your transcript should be sent.