HADM 9981: Hospitality Graduate Research Seminar

Fall. 3 Credits. Letter grades only (no audit).


  • Robert Kwortnik (rjk34) - Fall 2021
  • Linda Canina (lc29) - Fall 2021
  • Tashlin Lakhani (tl336) - Fall 2021
  • Madeline Kneeland (mk2479) - Fall 2021
  • Aaron Adalja (aaa362) - Fall 2021
  • Simone Tang (st933) - Fall 2021
  • John Tracey (jbt6) - Fall 2021
  • Vincent Slaugh (vws8) - Fall 2021
  • Heeyon Kim (hk926) - Fall 2021
  • Jacob Chestnut (jpc355) - Fall 2021
  • Alexei Tchistyi (avt33) - Fall 2021
  • Michael Paz (mtp58) - Fall 2021
  • Alex Susskind (ams76) - Fall 2021


This seminar course is designed for PhD and M.S. graduate research students with an interest in service and hospitality research. Topics will cover a range of domains relevant to hospitality scholarship, including service operations, revenue management, human resources management, services marketing, consumer behavior, communication, and real estate. We will also explore the research process and research methodologies, especially as these relate to applied scholarship. A highlight of the course is the participation of Graduate Faculty from the Hotel School who will share their research and stimulate your thinking about research questions of importance to the discipline of hospitality.