HADM 3650: Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 1650 and HADM 1150. Students are not permitted to drop after the first day of class.  Preregistered students who do not attend the first class and fail to notify the course administrative assistant in 335 Statler Hall of their absence before the first class are automatically dropped from the instructor's records. Students who add the course after the first day will not be permitted to drop. Students must request permission from the course chair to add the course before the second class and must attend the second class if adding the course after the first class.

Maria Wolfe (mw555) – Fall 2017
Andrew Quagliata (aq43) – Fall 2017
Peggy Odom-Reed (pro2) – Fall 2017
Andrew Quagliata (aq43) – Fall 2018
Peggy Odom-Reed (pro2) – Fall 2018
Maria Wolfe (mw555) – Fall 2018
Amy Newman (an97) – Spring 2018
Andrew Quagliata (aq43) – Spring 2018
Peggy Odom-Reed (pro2) – Spring 2018
Andrew Quagliata (aq43) – Spring 2019
Amy Newman (an97) – Spring 2019
Peggy Odom-Reed (pro2) – Spring 2019

Develops the knowledge and skills that hospitality managers need to face an array of persuasive communication challenges. This course builds on the principles of effective managerial communication (HADM 1650) and organizational behavior and interpersonal skills (HADM 1150). The course introduces the theory and principles of persuasion and focuses on their application in a range of management and leadership contexts.