HADM 1650: Business Writing for Hospitality Professionals

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Enrollment limited to: NSHA students. (Students who are required to take this course generally may not delay it. Course must be taken within first two semesters in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration, including any semesters during the internal transfer process. If extenuating circumstances exist, the student must petition to drop the course. All add/drop and section exchange must be approved by the chairperson by the end of the first week.)


  • Deirdre Snyder (dgs37) - Spring 2024
  • Jess Cisco (jdc77) - Fall 2022
  • Maria Wolfe (mw555) - Fall 2022
  • Peggy Odom-Reed (pro2) - Fall 2023
  • Thomas Estad (tge6) - Spring 2024
  • Adam Walden (atw59) - Spring 2024
  • Melanie Hoftyzer (mkh72) - Spring 2024
  • Andrew Quagliata (aq43) - Fall 2023


Introduces the role and importance of effective communication in managerial work, especially in the hospitality industry. Students develop abilities in analytical thinking and clear expression. With an emphasis on business writing, this course builds foundational skills for creating professional-level communications. Students plan, develop, and produce increasingly complex written communications and deliver oral presentations.