HADM 6190: Key Drivers for Making Innovation Happen

Spring. 1 credit. Student option grading.

Intended for: graduate students. Co-meets with HADM 4190.

Limited to GR/Prof. Students


  • Jill Hellman (jh2367) - Spring 2024


Innovation and entrepreneurship are not just about creating new things. True innovation and entrepreneurship are about creating new value. The goal of this course is to set students up for success in adding new value to organizations, whether the organizations are established ones or new ones.
There are plenty of books and articles about innovation and entrepreneurship that contain a variety of frameworks and concepts. This course goes a step beyond that and highlights select key drivers for making innovation happen. It’s a one-weekend course specifically focused on having and using (1) a “perspectives mindset” and (2) a process to identify and choose unconventional solutions. Additional shorter discussions will touch on being able to go from concept to creation (to value) and enrolling others in your innovation.
This interactive course includes the following elements:
• A mix of reading, cases, examples, exercises
• Actual tools that will be used in class and in real life
• Opportunities to engage in real-world situations
• Hands-on experience that you can apply to any situation to innovate and grow