HADM 6100: MMH Distinguished Lectures (DDLS)

Fall. 1.5 credits. S/U grades only (no audit).

Enrollment limited to: M.M.H. students.


  • Alex Susskind (ams76) - Fall 2023


HADM 6100 is a required master’s-level course that provides a unique opportunity for successful industry leaders to share their experiences with M.M.H. students in a small group setting. Speakers will share their views about the successful skill sets, temperaments, and leadership styles needed to be an effective and valuable executive. They will also focus on critical industry-related issues. The speakers are chosen for their knowledge, experience, and proven success in the hospitality industry. Students in HADM 6100 have an unparalleled opportunity to learn how hospitality executives view the current and future status of the industry.