HADM 1150: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Additional Fees: $40 for Top Hat subscription. Enrollment limited to: Nolan students.


  • Kristina Harris (kmw249) - Spring 2023
  • Tony Simons (tls11) - Fall 2022
  • Simone Tang (st933) - Spring 2022
  • Ovul Sezer (os244) - Spring 2023


This course provides students with the theoretical lenses and interpersonal skills required to become effective leaders of themselves and others at all organizational levels. With a particular emphasis on the hospitality industry, students develop an understanding and appreciation of the complexities of leading and managing individuals, teams and organizations, and acquire practical tools for accomplishing personal leadership and organizational goals within a service-based framework. Topics include understanding individual differences, leveraging conflict management, applying team-based problem-solving, understanding power and influence dynamics, principles of motivation, coaching and leadership, understanding of group process, and ethics.  The course emphasizes practical application of all concepts to students’ personal and professional lives and goals, with particular emphasis on work-life in hospitality and broadly, service contexts. Students learn through the use of case studies, self-assessments, experiential exercises, readings, discussions, papers, and group activities.