Cornell Online Leadership Certificates

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Introducing new online leadership certificates from Cornell.

Certificate in Executive Leadership

Commitment: Eight online courses requiring ~48 hours to complete.

Becoming an executive leader requires you to have a broad skill set, ensuring you're ready to handle any challenge that comes your way. The Executive Leadership Certificate will give you the confidence and skills to lead your team and your organization to success. Whether you work at a small company or a global organization, this certificate will give you the perspective needed so that you can develop a broader understanding of how cultural rules, stereotypes, and assumptions inform the way you think and work. Ideal for individuals who are leading a team, this series equips you with a variety of skills—from understanding how and when to negotiate to steps for developing a tactical plan, as well as tips on when to execute a change initiative in order to bring greater quality and service excellence to your organization.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to:

  • Determine when to negotiate, when not to negotiate, whether you should make the opening move in a negotiation, and how many issues you want to put on the table
  • Develop measures and standards of service quality that are consistent with the expectations of internal and external customers
  • Recognize the constraints of commonly used approaches for measuring financial performance and develop alternatives that promote sustained quality and service excellence
  • Facilitate change by translating ideas into desired organizational results and identify the change process to implement your ideas
  • Develop a greater awareness of cross-cultural dimensions to allow for more effective interactions with people from other countries.
  • Identify strategies for encouraging divergent thinking and fostering a culture of innovation
  • Respond decisively and consistently to tricky situations

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Certificate in Leadership

Commitment: Six online courses requiring ~36 hours to complete

This certificate is ideal for managers who need to enhance their core leadership skills. This certificate program will help you become a strong, credible leader, well-versed in your own leadership style and that of those around you, which will allow you to build and lead a high-performing team. Courses in the Leadership Certificate provide you with opportunities to practice skills such as employee coaching, delivering messages with maximum effectiveness, and making timely and effective decisions that benefit your organization as a whole.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to:

  • Craft concise, convincing, and attention-holding presentations
  • Evaluate your intended audience and its needs
  • Detect and address impediments to your credibility with subordinates, superiors, and others with whom you interact professionally
  • Examine coaching as a relationship and identify the five functions of coaching
  • Identify strategies for encouraging divergent thinking and for fostering a culture of innovation
  • Respond decisively and consistently when faced with situations that require a decision
  • Diagnose team skill sets and develop a plan to build synergy and collaboration

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