Undergraduate Profiles

Jennifer Marcott '18

Jennifer Marcott ’18

“Through SHA [Nolan School], I have met and become close with students from all over the world. Diversity is an added bonus on top of an already incredible college experience.”

Gundeep Singh '17

Gundeep Singh ’17

“Hotel Ezra Cornell is one of the hallmarks of my Cornell career. The chance to run a hundred-million-dollar facility for a weekend and create an innovative and educational conference for the world’s top business leaders is incredible.”

Macarena Moreno

Macarena Moreno ’16

“The Hotel School [Nolan School] has provided me with peers, friends, professors, and mentors who are willing to dedicate their life to serve others. I am nothing but proud to be part of this passionate and devoted community whose members are always there for each other.”

Samuel Clement

Samuel Clement ’16

“Being a Hotelie means you are part of the world’s greatest network. Not only do you have the power of the education you’ve earned at the school; you also have the network and support from everyone around you, a culture that can push you to the next tier of success.”

Tommy Ballerini

Tommy Ballerini ’18

“SHA [Nolan School] is unlike any other school in the world. It’s the perfect blend of business and hospitality, providing endless opportunities in terms of career paths.”

Davana Bolton

Davana Bolton ’16

“Being a Hotelie means practicing business with heart. We learn plenty about profit maximization and good business practices, but when it comes down to it, a Hotelie will always place the guest and their happiness above anything else.”

Benjamin Pilosof

Benjamin Pilosof ’16

“Being a Hotelie means understanding your place in both the Hotel School [Nolan School] and Cornell networks and becoming a productive member of those communities. A Hotelie recognizes the value of connection and advances the world of hospitality in both his/her personal and professional lives.”

Larry Robinson '18

Larry Robinson ’18

“Each new student you connect with could become a close friend, business partner, or co-worker later in life.”

Brooke Gerstein

Brooke Gerstein ’15

“‘Life is Service’ has become a mantra for me, on and off “the floor”—it is that mentality that has had the greatest impact on my career, as well as in my personal life.”

Stephanie Peltz

Stephanie Peltz ’17

“Utilize everything the SHA [Nolan School] network has to offer. Hotelies love to help other Hotelies, and asking advice on courses and work can make a big difference.”

Grant Behnke

Grant Behnke ’17

“The juxtaposition of flexibility and specificity of the SHA [Nolan School] degree is special and has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in the world.”

Megan Trillo '16

Megan Trillo ’16

“As a Hotelie, you are part of a tight-knit and extremely passionate group of diverse individuals. When you become a Hotelie, it is not just for your four years at Cornell, but for the rest of your life.”

Marlee Birnberg

Marlee Birnberg ’17

“Although Hotelies may enter different businesses, the underlying hospitality theme drives our dedication to work around people every day.”

Savannah Woodworth

Savannah Woodworth ’17

“Being a Hotelie means wanting to help others and connect, forming not only business contacts, but also deep friendships.”

Stephanie Goldstein

Stephanie Goldstein ’17

“Every student—whether they go into operations, finance, or real estate—leaves with a well-rounded education in business and hospitality.”

Claire Benninger

Claire Benninger ’17

“Being a Hotelie means being a member of one of the most well-connected and integrated communities in the industry. It’s not about being a part of a community just for your four years at Cornell; it’s about joining a community for a lifetime.”

Amanda Weinstein

Amanda Weinstein ’18

“I’ve made an effort to do one thing each semester that scares me a little: take an intimidating class, join a different organization, or apply for an internship. Each endeavor has provided me with a new perspective.”

Kayti Stanley

Kayti Stanley ’18

“Get to know your professors. They truly want you to succeed in every aspect of your college career, and are dedicated to helping you reach that success in any way that they can.”

Vanessa Chu

Vanessa Chu ’17

“The Hotel School [Nolan School] has given me the flexibility to take a breadth and depth of classes offered in and outside the school.”

Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy Schwartz ’18

“The School of Hotel Administration [Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration] has given me all of the tools and experiences that I need to succeed in anything business-related.”

Fred Ho

Fred Ho ’16

“Thanks to small class sizes and professors’ genuine interest in students’ holistic development, I was able to find support through faculty in a way that I never had before transferring to Cornell.”

Sarah Monahan

Sarah Monahan ’19

“Don’t be afraid to take risks, venture out of your comfort zone, and try something that you would never have done. You have been given such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a student and individual—take advantage!”

Lauren Mahaney '16

Lauren Mahaney ’16

“I’ve never had more doors open to me than when I have told people that I went to the Hotel School [Nolan School].”