MMH Profiles

Tom Deighton

Tom Deighton, MMH ’16

“Get to know the professors very well. Those in the real estate department are world class and know a ton of people in the industry. They will help you find a job if you put in the effort to showcase yourself to them.”

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh, MMH ’04

“My prior experience was exclusively in luxury hotels, and my goal was to open my horizons, learn from the very best hoteliers, and develop/manage my very own hotels. But the MMH program exposed me to a lot more that this industry has to offer.”

Mairin Barnes

Mairin Barnes, MMH ’14

“The Hotel School [Nolan School] has a reputation for excellence that is world-renowned, making it the perfect place to bridge my business background with my interest in hospitality entrepreneurship.”

Emily Ambrose

Emily Ambrose, MMH ’16

“The MMH is about personal development as much as professional development, and I would encourage any incoming MMHer to take full advantage of all of the experiences offered during the program.”

Karoline Schwartz

Karoline Schwartz, MMH ’17

“This program was beyond an education, beyond increased opportunities to network—it was a connection with a group of people who share your passion for hospitality and will be excellent friends and assets to you for the rest of your life.”

Nicholas Meditz

Nicholas Meditz, MMH ’17

“I chose the MMH program for a myriad of reasons. Small class sizes. World-renowned professors. The opportunity to grow with classmates from around the world. The endless resources that would be at my fingertips. And a culture that is hard to describe with words.”

Lauren Feder

Lauren Feder, MMH ’17

“I was looking at other business schools, but the MMH attracted me because it’s unique and specific. I wanted to hone my business skills, but having the focus in hotels would set me apart from other master’s students in the job market.”

Aida Scarpati

Aida Scarpati, MMH ’18

“I soon recognized the significant advantage a master’s degree would offer; however, I did not want a traditional MBA. The MMH program presented the perfect fit—it offers a business education with a focus on the industry that I love.”

Rudraksh Singh

Rudraksh Singh, MMH ’17

“We have students from many different career backgrounds—including non-hospitality backgrounds—from all ages, genders, countries, and religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Each of us brings in our own perspectives to add to the MMH experience.”