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CHR: Power of Intelligent Data Stitching: Personalizing the Customer Journey

Event Overview At the start of 2020, the U.S. hospitality sector was riding high and basking in nearly 10 consecutive years of growth. That spring the world was locked down by the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought with it economic devastation for many, unprecedented change for most, and social and travel restrictions for all. It shattered […]


PIHE: Your Restaurant’s Digital Front Door: Leveraging Digital Marketing for Success

Registration link coming soon! Overview The romantic view of the Maître d’ who remembers the name, family, and culinary preferences of the restaurant patrons who learned of the restaurant from a friend or in a lifestyle magazine is a marketing model of the past. Or, is it of the present too? Today, restaurants can learn […]


CIHLER: Requiring the COVID-19 Vaccine: Implications for Businesses

Event Overview As the United States attempts to move past the pandemic, many people contend that the vast majority of our fellow citizens must be vaccinated in order to do so. There is, however, an anti-vaccine movement. While many colleges and universities are requiring students, faculty, and staff to be vaccinated, a number of states […]


CHR: Restarting the Cruise Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Event Overview The cruise industry and destinations that rely on cruise ship visitors have been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Since a No Sail Order was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March 2020, cruises from U.S. ports have not resumed. However, with the guidance of top medical and public health […]


CHR/PIHE: What Keeps Us Coming Back – How to Build Consumer Loyalty

Event Overview Thanks to evolving customer needs and expectations, loyalty programs in the hospitality sector have come a long way from the “earn-and-burn” points-based loyalty programs and the lower-funnel transactional focus. The current pandemic has also accelerated the emergence of new opportunities to create a broader ecosystem of benefits and partnerships that can be part […]

CIHLER: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

The roundtable agenda will be added soon. Moderated by David Sherwyn David Sherwyn is the John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, academic director of the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations (CIHLER), and academic co-director of the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship (PIHE). This […]


CHR: Hospitality Outlook 2021: Hotel Performance, Capital Markets, and Consumer Behavior

All eyes are on the hospitality industry as the recovery is poised to begin. Despite the U.S. market being down 52% in RevPAR for 2020 and a slow start to 2021, the robust stimulus package passed by Congress and accelerating vaccination rates contribute to an optimistic view for the remainder of 2021. From shifts in hotel demand to improvements in the transaction and financial climate from lenders and the equity markets, hoteliers are gearing up for a busy second half of the year. This panel of industry leaders from the Cornell community will discuss the outlook of this pent-up demand as consumers hit the road with more confidence and potentially kick off a true economic recovery.

This online event is brought to you by Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and the Center for Hospitality Research.


PIHE: Using Technology to Reinvent Hospitality Business Models – Investing Development, and Operations

Event Overview Rapid advances in digital technologies are providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovative incumbents, and savvy investors to reinvent the hospitality business model. No aspect of the hospitality stack is untouched: Operations are being reinvented with process automation that leads to superior guest experiences and higher labor productivity. Entrepreneurs are inventing new […]


CHR: Post-2020 Food and Beverage: Rebuilding an Embattled Industry

Event Overview The food and beverage industry is at a crossroads. The last few years have seen industry icons exposed for sexual assault and misconduct, restaurateurs taken to task for cultural appropriation and racially insensitive concepts, and food media organizations exposed for discriminatory cultures. The pandemic has highlighted for the public the issues of staffing […]


CIHF: Designing for Healthy Sleep and Travel – A Research Perspective

Event Overview The pandemic has disrupted all aspects of our lives: how we work, how we socialize, how we provide healthcare, how we travel, and even how we sleep. As we confront this health crisis, healthy sleep is especially essential for our safety, work performance, and well-being. Sponsored by the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, […]