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CHR: Customer Social Engagement: Loyalty, Reputation, and Profits

Event Overview The guest experience is at the heart of hospitality. The industry thrives on going the extra mile for customers and making them as comfortable and satisfied as possible during their stay. But how do hospitality leaders know if their efforts are successful? Guest satisfaction surveys are a good place to start when looking […]


CHR: Reimagining Travel: Reinventing the Travel Experience & Using Data to Boost Recovery

EVENT OVERVIEW 2020 was a year like no other, as the travel restrictions and economic downturn brought on by the global pandemic devastated the entire travel industry. But with widespread vaccinations now underway, there are promising signs that recovery is just around the corner. This session will convene a panel of industry leaders who are […]


CREF: New York City Real Estate: Straight Talk on the Road to Recovery

Event Overview New York City was hit early and hit hard by COVID-19. In a matter of months, the city saw its commuter-reliant businesses, tourism and entertainment industries, and everyday life temporarily devastated. The city’s real estate must and will adapt. New York, and its real estate sector, is nothing but resilient. The pandemic has […]


CHR/CIFBM: Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19: Lessons From Asia

Event Overview With coronavirus cases currently skyrocketing across the United States and in some areas a long, cold winter ahead, many questions remain as to how the nation’s food and beverage industry can and should respond. Most restaurateurs are eager to reopen but unsure of how to do so safely and responsibly. With restrictions and […]


CIFBM: The Future of Senior Living: Expectations, Challenges, and Innovations

Event Overview As baby boomers grow older, there is an increasing demand for senior living facilities in general, as well as specific industry changes that will accommodate the lifestyle requirements of this particular generation. As a result, owners, operators, and service providers are reimagining senior living and implementing hospitality, design, and healthcare changes we could […]


PIHE: COVID-Safe Hotels Health Innovations for Guests and Employees

EVENT OVERVIEW It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hotel industry as hard as — if not harder than — any other sector. While many aspects of the pandemic’s economic slowdown remain outside the industry’s control, it’s imperative that hotels think creatively about ways to ensure guest comfort and safety. It’s equally […]


HEC/C&I: People Over Profits: Prioritizing Employee-Oriented Solutions

A new addition to kick off HEC 96 this year, please join us for a complimentary panel discussion, People Over Profits – Prioritizing Employee-Oriented Solutions, hosted by eCornell through their Keynotes platform on Thursday November 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm EST. The global pandemic has brought to light the importance of treating employees as assets […]


CIHLER/PIHE/CHR: Employee Oriented Tech: Even More Relevant in the New Normal

Event Overview Introducing new employee-oriented tech solutions can be a double-edged sword for the hospitality industry. Technology meant to enhance the employee experience offers certain benefits, including increased efficiency, but it can also carry with it legal risks, especially if the technology is not properly implemented. As technology becomes increasingly relevant for both employers and […]


CIHF: Thriving in Isolation: Health and Human Connection

EVENT OVERVIEW The pandemic has created a “new normal” of remote living, with many of us forced to shift from in-person interactions to online and virtual experiences. This change has provoked heightened feelings of loneliness, disengagement, and social isolation – challenges that disproportionately affect vulnerable and marginalized communities. As we navigate through this transition, we […]


CIHLER/PIHE/CHR: Robots in the Hospitality Industry: Adopting New Technologies While Maintaining the Human Touch

Event Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has reimagined the hotel and restaurant experience. As face-to-face interaction has necessarily been reduced, touchless transactions and environments have increased. These technological responses to the pandemic help instill confidence in guests and give them a strong sense of safety, trust, and well-being — but only if they are done right. […]