Center for Hospitality Research


CHR: Your Itinerary – Preparing for the Comeback of Business Meetings, Conferences, and Travel

Event overview COVID-19 walloped the business travel and events industry; by April 2020, U.S. airline capacity declined about 70% from 2019 — that’s nearly four times greater than after the 9/11 attacks and six times greater than the aftermath of the 2008–09 financial crisis. The pandemic necessitated global travel restrictions, prohibitions on large group gatherings, […]


CHR: The Choice – Industry Leaders Envision the Future of F&B

Event overview The COVID-19 shutdown upended the food and beverage (F&B) industry, leading to widespread closures amidst shrinking profit margins and staffing uncertainty. But the cracks in the foundation have been visible for a while now, with a slew of F&B industry icons and restaurateurs exposed for sexual assault and misconduct, cultural appropriation, and discriminatory […]


CHR: Customer Social Engagement: Loyalty, Reputation, and Profits

Event Overview The guest experience is at the heart of hospitality. The industry thrives on going the extra mile for customers and making them as comfortable and satisfied as possible during their stay. But how do hospitality leaders know if their efforts are successful? Guest satisfaction surveys are a good place to start when looking […]


CHR: Reimagining Travel: Reinventing the Travel Experience & Using Data to Boost Recovery

EVENT OVERVIEW 2020 was a year like no other, as the travel restrictions and economic downturn brought on by the global pandemic devastated the entire travel industry. But with widespread vaccinations now underway, there are promising signs that recovery is just around the corner. This session will convene a panel of industry leaders who are […]


CHR/CIFBM: Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19: Lessons From Asia

Event Overview With coronavirus cases currently skyrocketing across the United States and in some areas a long, cold winter ahead, many questions remain as to how the nation’s food and beverage industry can and should respond. Most restaurateurs are eager to reopen but unsure of how to do so safely and responsibly. With restrictions and […]


CHR/CIHLER/PIHE: Harmonic Hospitality: A symposium on the intersections among music, entrepreneurship, and hospitality

Sponsored by: Center for Hospitality Research Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship Creativity. Disruption. Engagement. These are among the topics that will be considered in this unique event that brings together a group of academics, artists, and industry professionals to examine some of the connections among music, entrepreneurship, […]


CIHLER/PIHE/CHR: Robots in the Hospitality Industry: Adopting New Technologies While Maintaining the Human Touch

Event Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has reimagined the hotel and restaurant experience. As face-to-face interaction has necessarily been reduced, touchless transactions and environments have increased. These technological responses to the pandemic help instill confidence in guests and give them a strong sense of safety, trust, and well-being — but only if they are done right. […]


CHR – Virtual Sustainability Roundtable

Sustainability is a top concern for many in the global hospitality industry. The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research will host a virtual Sustainability Roundtable for participants to gathered from around the world to discuss a wide range of emerging topics including actionable strategies for the industry. The CHR Virtual Sustainability Roundtable will be co-chaired by […]


CHR: The Future of Air Travel: Managing COVID-19 While Bringing Travelers Back

EVENT OVERVIEW The airline industry has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. With fewer people willing or even allowed to travel by air, demand has drastically decreased — and as a result, so have the number of daily flights offered by commercial airlines. In addition to the diminished interest, the airline industry is also facing […]


CHR: 2nd HEDNA@Home Fall Virtual Conference

Join your hospitality colleagues from around the world for industry updates, panel conversations and trends discussions. The event will feature market updates and thought-provoking content as we continue to recover – together. Register here! Registration is free and open to all hospitality professionals. Session recordings from the first HEDNA@Home Conference in June are available on the HEDNA TV […]