Frances Wang smiling and standing on a lawn in front of Sage Hall. Frances is wearing business attire.

Xinhua (Frances) Wang


Frances is a 3rd year PhD student specializing in quantitative marketing. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she earned her research master’s degree at Cornell, where she utilized NLP and econometrics to investigate cross-platform online review dynamics. Her work led to the publication titled “How Firm Strategies Affect Consumer Biases in Online Reviews” in Service Science. Before embarking on her graduate studies, Frances gained practical experience by serving as a VIP marketing ambassador at Caesars Entertainment and later as an assistant marketing manager at a local firm specializing in international tourism. She also contributed as a translator for international conferences such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Now, in her PhD journey, she’s expanding her expertise to explore the effects of online advertising using field experiments and causal inference methods, further enriching her multi-faceted understanding of the marketing landscape.

Area of Focus

  • Quantitative Marketing

Research Interest

  • Business strategies in the online domain, particularly in the context of advertising, and online word of mouth across platforms.

Manuscripts Under Review

  • How Firm Strategies Affect Consumer Biases in Online Reviews

Industry Experience

  • Assistant Marketing Manager, Utour, Las Vegas, NV
  • Marketing Ambassador, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV


  • MS, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • BS, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV