Information for Faculty

What is the Communication Center?

It is a place where students can receive tutoring to help them improve their written and oral communication skills.

How can I use it?

You have several options for making use of the Communication Center's services:

  • You can simply tell your students that it is a resource they should all consider using.
  • You can suggest to specific students that they see a consultant at the Communication Center.
  • You can require that certain students go there to receive help on a writing assignment or oral presentation before they submit it to you.
  • You can hand back a paper that is unacceptably written and require the student to take it to the Communication Center.

How do I know if one of my students used it?

We notify all faculty when one of their students visits the Communication Center.

Why was it created?

The Communication Center emerged from the SHA faculty's interest and expressed desire for better communication skills in students' work. Created and managed by the Managerial Communication Area, the Communication Center helps students improve their written and oral communication skills.

For more information, see Information for Students.