HADM 6255: Real Estate Development

Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 4200/HADM 6200 or HADM 4230/HADM 6210 or equivalent. Co-meets with HADM 4255. Elective. Enrollment limited to graduate students. Undergraduates must enroll in HADM 4255.

Faculty teaching this course:

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the concepts and paradigms that are most often encountered in real estate development. The course is designed to provide an overview of the real estate development process with an emphasis on analysis, risk management, and decision-making relative to changing economic, environmental, institutional, regulatory, and social contexts. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to, market analysis, site acquisition, due diligence, zoning entitlements, approvals, site planning, building design, construction, financing, leasing, and ongoing management, and disposition.